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Listed below are different resources that athletes can use to obtain financial assistance. If you have the ability to help the Etobicoke Eagles organization financially, please consider becoming a sponsor through the information and links below.

Sponsorship Assistance for Players

Fee Assistance

Fee Assistance is a program of financial support for residents with low income living in our community that helps individuals participate in recreational and affiliated minor sport and arts programs. How the assistance is given, qualifications and the amount of subsidy varies between programs.

KidSport Ontario

KidSport Ontario provides grant assistance to Ontario children and youth 18 years old and younger who are facing financial barriers preventing them from joining organized sport. KidSport provides funding up to $250 per child per year. Applications must be submitted 45 days prior to activity start date. Once an application has been received it will take 30 days to receive a response. We recommend that families apply as soon as possible. Apply for KidSport assistance here.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart  Charities gives kids, between the ages of 4 and 18, a sporting chance. Money raised within each community stays within the community and goes directly to help kids participate in sport, dance or other organized physical activities. Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with program registration costs. Applications for Jumpstart need to be done before the fees are due, as the money goes directly to the sports association. Funding is up to $300 per activity. Applicants can also apply for equipment assistance up to $150 to help purchase goods such as cleats, girdles, etc. Applications can take up to six weeks to process, we recommend that families apply early. For more info and to apply. 

Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity is a national children’s charity that delivers and subsidizes local sport. Their programs and service help to eliminate barriers of access and promote a lifestyle of giving back, empowering youth to reach their full potential. Applications are ongoing and the charity endeavours to get back to you within two business days, but the disbursement of funds can take up to four weeks. To apply click here.


You will need to complete the applications with your personal details along with our information as follows:

Organization Receiving Funding:  Etobicoke Eagles Football Club 

Mailing Address: 3313 Mikalda Rd, Burlington, ON, L7M 0K8

Contact:  Lindsay Gilmour


Program Length: 5 months

Sessions Per Week: 2

Hours Per Session: 3

Program Start Date: April 11th     Program End Date: August 5th

Registration Fees:  $750

(If you need any help please contact)


Help Sponsor Our Organization and Athletes

Adopt an Eagle

Did you know that over 50% of our players, at one time or another, access Funding options to help support the cost of registration fees? Our Adopt an Eagle Program provides you with an opportunity to help out with the costs of participating in tackle football.

Our Athletes

Our Registrar works with families who could use a helping hand. While we may not be permitted to share the player’s name with you, we’ll ensure your donation makes its way to support a current player with the Etobicoke Eagles Family.

Your sponsorship will be used to offset the registration of a player who cannot afford the registration costs. This sponsorship opportunity is for those who want to make a difference in the lives of aspiring elite football players from behind the scenes. 


Interested in Helping?

Contact Brandon Lowe via email at

Club Level Sponsorship

The Etobicoke Eagles Football Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving youth in Etobicoke and surrounding areas since 1998. The organization's objectives are to demonstrate and inspire integrity, character, fair play and sportsmanship to boys and girls aged 14-19 years old. Our league is run 100% by committed volunteers, passionate about football and the positive effects it provides all players.

The Etobicoke Eagles take pride in being able to provide most of the high quality gear a player needs for a season, to all our members. This is a huge advantage that youth football provides over other sports, making it extremely cost-effective, especially considering kids grow so fast. Our equipment replacement budget exceeds $30,000 annually.

Why Sponsorship is Needed

Through football, youth learn the importance of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Players are continually discovering the life lessons of trust and accountability to oneself and each member of the team. The same qualities that can be found in all successful businesses are equally important on the football field.

Today in Canada 1 in 3 families cannot afford to play youth sports, sadly this statistic exists within our own community. Currently we have athletes with a great passion for football, a burning desire to play, yet unable to suit up and take the field as cost is a barrier. With your support we can eliminate barriers and continue to make football the accessible game it is.

Sponsorship Support enables us to:

  • Purchase new football equipment
  • Offset field, bus travel & facility expenses
  • Provide financial assistance to low-income families.

Join us a 2023 Corporate Sponsor

Various levels of sponsorship to suit your budget

Acknowledgment of support through all Social Media, home game public announcements, on our website and banners at home field.

With your generous support, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in our community. We will be able to continue to offer an excellent and affordable football program to the youth of Etobicoke and surrounding areas, instilling the values that football provides and are so important in today’s society.

If you are able to help, please contact Chivase Bryan at